Saga Design + Build Architecture Studio Hood River

A Hood River studio with a Gorge backyard. 



We are committed to privileging local and regional resources, creating a rich relationship between construction systems and the environments and communities in which they are built.

We consider each site a story problem of how to best utilize a unique place: a specific watershed, a particular vantage point, a rock outcropping, a native species, a mid afternoon wind, the sun’s trajectory in the winter. Our eyes sees both big and small details with equal attention putting both into focus for clients.


Inspired by our surroundings.

Saga Design Build is steeped in a place-based and client-centric approach to modern design and construction. Located in the Northwest’s own Fjordland, we seek to incorporate the region’s unique qualities into all that we do. The Columbia River Gorge offers a plethora of unique views, ecosystems, recreational and lifestyle opportunities, materials and climates to draw inspiration from, and we cannot help but soak it all in. We would be delighted to tell you more about why we do what we do where we do it!

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Chase Sparling-Beckley is a licensed Architect serving the Mid-Columbia Gorge and surrounding areas. He spent a childhood working alongside his father building homes and fly-fishing the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Chase received a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, where He specialized in sustainable design, fabrication, and construction. Upon Graduation He returned to the PNW to bring his love and understanding of this particular region to a place-based architecture practice.

For Chase, being outdoors is being home. His architectural sensibilities sharpen and capture the interaction between site and surroundings. Ecological and community considerations are at the heart of his design practice and his propensity to find beauty in just about any place in the Gorge is contagious.

Chase is a dedicated husband and father of two, spending time cutting big swaths across the Gorge landscape skiing, hiking, fishing, and building community.


Colette grew up camping and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, being inspired by the scenery and developing a life-long love of the outdoors and nature.  She finds creative expression through dance, and continues to deepen her knowledge of movement by teaching others.

After living on their wooden sailboat for 4 years, Colette, with her husband and daughter, moved to the Columbia River Gorge.  In the winter she snowboards, in the summer she relaxes by the river. All year round she looks forward to sailing and enjoying the waters of the Pacific Northwest

Business administration requires the same attention to detail, accuracy, and complex integration as the craft of construction. Colette brings over a decade of business and office management experience to the team, working to support project execution through cost performance tracking, managing accounts payable/receivables and maintaining compliance.




Nathan was born and raised in the Columbia River Gorge, and has plied his trade across Central and Western Oregon for more than 15 years as a carpenter and construction foreman.

He is the father of three boys, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, hunting, fishing and river rafting the White Salmon and Deschutes rivers.

Nate finds deep fulfillment in problem solving and developing unique solutions to aesthetic and construction related questions on the jobsite. Being a part of a team that delivers highly custom, efficient and aesthetically pleasing homes for our clients and their families to enjoy for generations to come is his greatest calling.